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Friday, October 10, 2014

Deed of Record

What is a Deed of Record?

To make a document (Record) available to the public

Your home’s purchase is official the moment that you record the deed at the county courthouse. Usually, the title company or escrow agent is responsible for recording the deed and you will be responsible for a small fee. If you wanted to do a little investigating into the former owners of your home, you could go to the county clerk’s office and check the files - this list of owners is called the chain of title.

Any claims on your home, including a mortgage and liens for unpaid debts, are also recorded there. The county clerk who records a deed can be called the county recorder or the registrar of deeds.

Auctioneers Seeking Buyers of Foreclosed Properties
Another foreclosure record was set in November as 1,336 properties were offered to the highest bidder on the courthouse steps in Modesto, Merced and Stockton.
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